Tin for christmas treats
Project of the month October 2009 )

- 3D sheet Santa's Helper
- tin
- acrylic paint
- 3d foam sheets
- scrapbooking paper
- double sided adhesive tape
- aluminium wire 1.5mm
- Christmas tinsel
- 3 beads
- hot glue gun


- Thoroughly wash and dry tin (we used a pineapple tin, 9cm high
  and 8.5cm in diameter). If need be, sand sharp edges first.
- Paint inside and outside rims with a colour that compliments your
  chosen scrapbooking paper, 2 coats if necessary. Let dry.
- In the meantime, cut out all parts of Santa's Helper and mount
  the layers to form the 3D image using double sided adhesive
  foam pads .
- Cut scrapbooking paper to size and adhere to tin with double
  sided adhesive tape.
- With the hot glue gun stick 3 beads underneath the tin to act as
- Drill two holes on opposite sides at the top rim of the tin. Now
  bend a handle from wire and thread it through the holes.
- Decorate it by wrapping the tinsel around the handle.
- Lastly, mount the Santa's Helper image on the tin, using the picture
  as guide.
- The tin is now ready to be filled with Christmas treats.


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