Little Knight
( Project of the month August 2009 )


- 3D sheet Little Knight
- fine paintbrush and black acrylic paint or
  black marker
- square canvas 10x10cm
- blue acrylic paint
- double sided adhesive foam pads
- double sided adhesive tape
- coloured pebbles

- cut out all the parts of your image, then colour
  the edges with a black marker, or fine brush and black paint
- paint the canvas in the colour of your choice. We used a
  metallic blue tone.
- with double sided adhesive foam pads mount your layers to
  form the 3D image
- run double sided tape along the bottom of the canvas and
  sprinkle the pebbles on top.
- again, using the 3D Foam pads, you now attach the
   assembled 3D image on top


*** $5.00 Special Kit ***
(Item-No: SP0809)
3D sheet of your choice
square canvas 10x10cm
3D foam pads


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