If you want to personalise a coffee mug, decorate a mirror, freshen up your tiles or simply feel creative without taking out scissors, glue and paint....go no further!
These ceramic stickers are the latest addition to our crafty range. No firing necessary.

Look here for detailed info and instructions.

Click on any image below to see a larger view and for decorating samples!

Price: AUD$7.95 per sheet

Please note: Prices do not include postage and handling. Please see terms and conditions.

All images below
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Safuri GmbH.


Using Serviettes
Using Stamps
Using Stickers
Using 3D PaperTole

  Flower Power Decor
Item 89-3-191
  Bugs Decor
Item 89-3-160
Butterfly Decor
Item 89-3-166
Happiest Day Decor
Item 89-3-190
Poppy Decor
Item 89-3-158
Sunflower Decor
Item 89-3-162
  Rudolph Decor
Item 89-3-189
Crocus Decor
Item 89-3-159
Violet Decor
Item 89-3-163
Rose Decor
Item 89-3-164
  Guardian Angel Decor
Item 89-3-249
Princess Peggy Decor
Item 89-3-220
Princess Decor
Item 89-3-165
Mermaid Decor
Item 89-3-248
Pirate Pimi Decor
Item 89-3-221
Winter Decor
Item 89-3-195
Pirate Decor
Item 89-3-196
Viking Decor
Item 89-3-222
*** NEW ***
Football Decor
Item 89-3-286
Knight Decor
Item 89-3-193
Cowboy & Indian Decor
Item 89-3-206
Wizard Decor
Item 89-3-247
  Polar Bear Decor
Item 89-3-194
*** NEW ***
Wildlife Decor
Item 89-3-288
*** NEW ***
On the Farm Decor
Item 89-3-287
*** NEW ***
Tattoo Decor
Item 89-3-282
*** NEW ***
Bat Decor
Item 89-3-283
*** NEW ***
Skull decor
Item 89-3-284
  *** NEW ***
Numerals Purple
Item 89-3-285
Font Black
Item 89-3-197
Font Orange
Item 89-3-192
Font Pink
Item 89-3-223
Numerals Black/Orange
Item 89-3-224
Item 89-3-225

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