- serviette On The Reef

- canvas 30 x 30 cm
- Mod Podge
- baking paper
- iron
- acrylic paint (dark blue)
- paintbrush and sponge
- glitter glue and star shaped sequins


- With a wide paintbrush evenly cover canvas incl. sides with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Let dry.
- Peel off the bottom two layers of the serviette and position the top layer on your canvas. The serviette will be
  slightly bigger than the canvas.
- Cover canvas with baking paper and iron the serviette on with a dry, medium set iron. The heat melts the Mod
` Podge and bonds the serviette with the canvas. Let cool down.
- Stand the canvas on one side and iron on the overlapping bit of serviette on the opposite side. Repeat this for
  the other three sides. You may find that the sides are not completely covered by the serviette. Then either try to
  continue the image and paint the sides in the colour of the serviette, or use a complementing colour to make it
  look like a frame.
- Again, to protect your work, apply another layer of Mod Podge. Be careful not to repeatedly brush over the
   serviette  images, as they may become soft and tear.
- We used a few tiny star shaped sequins to decorate the yellow fish's tail and applied a little glitter glue to the
  octopuses' arms.

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