( Project of the month October 2008 )


- serviette 'It's all Christmas'
- terracotta pot (12cm high, 10cm diameter)
- Bond Crete (see note)
- white and gold acrylic paint
- Mod Podge
- glitter glue


- Seal the pot with Bond Crete (follow the instructions on the
- Paint the whole pot with 2 coats of white to cover the terracotta colour. If you want the surface to become really smooth, sand lightly after the second coat.
- Now apply a third coat of white to the outside bottom part and another 2-3 coats of gold on the inside and the outside rim. Let dry between coats.
- Cut out the images and peel off the bottom two layers of the serviette.
- Position image. With a flat paint brush, beginning from the centre of the image, carefully spread
  the Mod Podge over the image. Let dry.
- Seal the whole pot with another layer of Mod Podge.
- If you like it sparkly, paint a layer of glitter glue over the gold and highlight parts of the images.

***NOTE: Bond Crete is a bonding and sealing agent, available from hardware stores. It's an inexpensive way to seal your craftwork before painting. I bought a 250ml bottle about two years ago, have used it for about 60-70 projects and it's still half full!!!


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