Bird house Key Rack
( Project of the month February 2009 )


- serviette Bird Haven or Bird Mansions
- small canvas
- acrylic paint
- Mod Podge
- cup hooks
- craft glue
- glitter (optional)
- wooden duck/bird
- coloured feathers


- Cut out bird house from your chosen serviette, peel off the bottom
   two layers of the serviette
- Position image. With a flat paint brush, beginning from the centre
  of the image, carefully spread the Mod Podge over the image. Let
- Paint the canvas background in the colour of your choice. Let dry.
- Seal the whole canvas with another protective layer of Mod Podge.
- If you like, glue on wooden bird and decorate with feathers or just
   highlight bits with glitter and/or rhinestones.
- Screw in cup hooks by hand.

*** $8.00 Special Kit ***
(Item-No: SP0209)
canvas 15 x 10 cms
serviette of your choice
3 cup hooks (gold or silver)
wooden bird (might differ from the one pictured left)


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