Photograph courtesy of Vielseidig Verlag GmbH



- serviette Bird Mansions

- white foam sheet
- Mod Podge

- feathers
- Wood-Be-Cute shapes (i.e. sun, bird, bee)
- wooden sticks or bamboo sticks

- glue gun or instant adhesive of your choice
- aluminium wire



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- Cut out Bird Mansions, then peel back bottom two layers of the serviette. (Cut outs need not
   to be exact this time, as you will trim it at a later step.)
- Apply a thin layer of Mog Podge to the foam sheet.
- Place cut out image on the sheet.
- Beginning from the centre of the image and with a dry soft
   paintbrush, carefully brush over the images. This needs a little bit of practice, as the thin paper
   can easily tear if it gets soaked with too much glue.
- When dry cut out images and then apply another layer of Mod Podge to seal the picture.
- Attach each Bird's Mansion to a stick, using hot glue or an adhesive of your choice.
- Decorate with coloured feathers and wood-be-cute shapes of your choice.
- If you like, wind a silver or coloured aluminium wire around the stick.

NOTE: Stakes are not for outdoor use.

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