Gingerbread Man Christmas Card



- stamps Gingerbread Man and
  Gingerbread  Border
- brown cardstock
- cardboard - cream and dark brown
- stamp pad - brown
- pen - white and brown
- corner punch
- pastels, crayons or pencils of your choice
  to colour in
- double sided tape or craft glue
- ribbon (optional)                          


- Round the edges of the brown cardstock with a corner punch
- Stamp the images on white cardboard and colour them in with the medium of your choice
- Using the picture as a guide, cut out the cream and dark brown cardboard
- Ink the edges of the white and cream cardboard using the brown inkpad
- Draw a 'false stitch line' with the white and brown pen
- Cut two short ribbons, fold in half, glue the ends together and then stick between the cream
  and brown layer so that the ends are hidden
- Assemble the card as shown, using double sided tape or craft glue

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