Gone Fishing
Project of the month May 2008 )


- serviette Big Fish

- 12 x large paddle pop sticks (19mm x 150mm)
- PVA glue
- acrylic paint: white, light blue, aqua
- Mod Podge
- cardstock: white
- flat paintbrush
- black marker
- spray varnish
- 4mm drill
- 3D foam pads
- raffia

*** $5.00 Special ***
(Item-No: SP0508)
serviette of your choice
12 paddle pop sticks
white cardstock, A5 size



- Place seven paddle pop sticks next to each other vertically. Attach two more over them horizontally (see photo)
   with the PVA glue and leave to dry. This is now referred to as the 'frame'.
- For the 'Gone Fishing' sign put two paddle pop sticks next to each other and glue a third one over the middle of
   them. Leave it to dry.
- Paint the frame and the sign with one layer of white paint.
- Peel off the two white layers of the serviette carefully, leaving just the top printed layer.
- Then, cut your chosen 15cm square out of the serviette for the background image.
- Apply one coat of Mod Podge to the front and the sides of the frame.
- Immediately place the serviette square on top of the frame. Then, starting from the middle, brush over it
   carefully with the paintbrush, so that it bonds with the Mod Podge. Carefully go around the edges, the serviette
   will tear slightly which allows you to cover the sides. Leave it to dry.
- Cut out the diver, crab, the yellow-green fish and a couple of bubbles (cut outs need not to be exact this time, as
   you will trim it at a later step) and get a piece of white cardstock big enough to fit them.
- Give the card one coat of Mod Podge, then put the images on it and flatten them out with your fingers. Allow
   them to dry and then cut them out.
- If you like, paint the back side of the frame and sign in a matching light blue.
- With a black marker outline the words 'Gone Fishing' and then colour the letters in with the colour of your choice
   (we used aqua).
- To protect your work, seal it with a layer of spray varnish.
- Drill holes in the top and bottom of the frame on the second and sixth paddle pop sticks and on the sign to
   correspond with the frame. Attach the sign to the bottom of the frame with the raffia and finish off with small
   knots. Cut a 30cm length of raffia and tie it to the top of the frame for hanging.
- Position the diver, crab, fish and bubbles with 3D foam squares.
- Pack your bag to 'Go Fishing'.

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