- serviette
City of Dreams
- IKEA mirror 'MALMA'
- Mod Podge
- baking paper
- iron
- acrylic paint white and light yellow           


NOTE: You will need a bit of patience for this project as the mirror is smaller than the serviettes and images have
    to be cut to size and put together like a puzzle! The result is very rewarding though!!

- 'Malma' is a timber frame mirror. You can leave the 'natural look' or give it a few coats in the colour of
   your  choice. Please use light shades only, as serviettes loose their colour when glued onto dark backgrounds.
- Cut out the images (see NOTE) and peel off the bottom two layers of the serviette.
- With a flat paint brush apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the whole top side of mirror. Let dry.
- Position images, cover with baking paper and iron on the images with a dry, medium set iron. The podge
  now melts the images onto the surface.
- Let cool down, then carefully lift the paper off the surface. If you find spots that have not bonded, repeat the
  previous step.
- To protect your work, apply another layer of Mod Podge. Be careful not to repeatedly brush over the
    serviette  images, as they may become soft and tear.

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