Organza Bags
( Project of the month September 2008 )


- serviette 'It's all Christmas'
- organza bags in light colours
- Dala Waterproofing Medium
- flat paintbrush
- piece of cardboard
- Kindy Glitz


Cut a piece of cardboard to insert into the organza bag. This will avoid the fabric medium transferring to the other side of the bag.
Cut out serviette motifs and peel off the two back layers. Only use the top layer.
  Place image on bag and brush on with paintbrush dipped in fabric medium.
- Wipe off excess glue with fingers or soft cloth while still moist.
- Let dry and highlight with glitter, if desired.

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*** $5.00 Special Kit ***
(Item-No: SP0908)
serviette 'It's all Christmas'
2 white organza bags
(10x13cm and 7x10cm)
Dala Waterproofing Medium