Rapunzel plate
Project of the month August 2008 )

* In case you can't find a square plate, try a canvas or a square of ply wood

- serviette Rapunzel's World
- glitter sticker Rapunzel's World
- craft wood plate 29 x 29cm *
- white acrylic paint
- Mod Podge
- baking paper
- iron
- Kindy Glitz

- Paint the plate with two layers of white acrylic paint
- Using only the top layer of the serviette, cut out
  Rapunzel's World
- Measure the side parts of the plate and cut out from
  the striped border design of the serviette

- Position the image in the middle of the plate and -using
  a flat paintbrush with a little podge- gently brush over it.
  It's best to start from the middle and move in an outward
  direction. Let dry.
- Now apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the four sides
  of the plate. Let dry.
- Position cut out striped borders around the sides of the
  plate, cover with baking  paper and iron on with a dry,
  medium set iron.
  The podge now melts the images onto the surface.
  In case you decorate a canvas or flat piece of craft wood,
  you can also use this method for the middle part.
- Once all serviette parts have dried, seal with another
  layer of Mod Podge. Let dry.
- If desired, highlight a few stripes and details with
  Kindy Glitz and add glitter stickers





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