Project of the month May 2009 )


- candle, shape and size of your choice
- sanding paper
- serviette ‘Magical Garden’
- soft flat paintbrush
- Mod Podge
- Kindyglitz (optional)


         Lightly sand candle

       Tear serviette to size. Peel back bottom two layers. Only use top layer.

         Place serviette on candle, the roughened surface will almost hold it in place.

         Dip the flat soft brush in Mod Podge then apply it over the image with gentle
                                           brushstrokes, starting from the middle and working outwards. If you stretch the
                                           paper or apply too much glue the serviette can tear. Let it dry.
                                                                                     If desired, set highlights with Kindyglitz.

  Note: Mod Podge is non flammable. You can burn the candle as usual. Alternatively you could let the actual
  candle burn for a few hours until you have a hole big enough to place a tea light into the candle.
  Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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