Sticker Christmas Cards
(Project of the Month November 09)


- Sticker sheet MiXmas 91909
- cardstock in Christmas colours
- paper scraps
- doubled sided adhesive tape
- 'Merry Christmas' stamp
- gold pen
- rhinestones


- Fold green cardstock (208mm x 146mm) in half
- Cut one 146mm x 50mm and one 110mm x 23mm (depending on the size of your 'Merry Christmas'
  stamp) strip from red cardboard
- Cut three 45mm x 45mm squares and one 106 x 18mm strip from white cardboard
- Stamp 'Merry Christmas' onto white strip and adhere sticker to squares
- With double sided adhesive tape mount the white and red bits to the green card.

- Using the pictures as guide, cut tags and small gift cards from card stock or scrapbooking paper
  of your choice
- Embellish with gold pen or rhinestones

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