- 3D sheet Rudolph
- 9 x 13cm cream handmade paper
- 6 x 12cm red handmade paper
- 5 x 11cm white Japanese paper
- fine paintbrush and black acrylic paint or
  black marker
- double sided tape
- double sided adhesive foam pads
- Christmas ribbon
- glitter glue


- Cut out all the images and using either the paintbrush or the marker, carefully colour the edges.
- Use double-sided tape to attach bottom layer of the 3D image to the white Japanese Paper.
- Build the rest of the 3D image using mounting pads.
- Trim the right side of the card front at the same width of the ribbon.
- With the double sided tape attach the ribbon vertically at inner page.
- Now glue the red card onto the front of the cream card and then the Japanese paper
   with the 3D image onto the red card, always using double sided tape.
- We added some glitter glue to highlight the antlers.

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