Rub-A-Mug..... the slogan for our brand new 3D Deco Stickers for use on ceramic, glass, kitchen and bathroom tiles.

These great stickers transform any glazed surface into a colourful piece of art in minutes - without firing!

Are you sick of looking at your boring old china? Why not give it a new face in 5 easy steps?
  1. Clean the surface of your piece using methylated spirit or glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
  2. Cut out your motif.
  3. Carefully peel the motif including the protective transfer film away from the white backing paper.
  4. Position the motif and then firmly rub it on with particular attention given to the edges.
  5. Finally peel off the transfer film and go over the sticker again with a soft cloth, tissue or paper towel.




Important :

Stickers can be removed with a sharp pointy knife, however, they cannot be re-used once taken off.

Although tests showed that stickers are waterproof and scratch resistant, we strongly recommend hand washing.
Please allow the stickers to cure at least 4 days before the first wash.

Stickers are not to be used in microwaves or ovens. However, hot liquids such as coffee or tea will not damage the stickers.


Creative Ideas:

- personalise mugs for family and friends
 - gift packs including mug and stickers
 - school holiday project
 - keep the kids busy at the next birthday party
 - get together with the girls for a chat and rub-a-mug


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